-The Wizarding World Tag-

Hello there friends, Today’s post is going to be the Wizarding World Tag which was created by Connie @ConnieBell  on YouTube and Instagram @conniebell. I think it is a perfectly magical and I decided to do it but with a small twist. Now on to the  questions. Introduce yourself, your school and your house: I am a student of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry and I am … Continue reading -The Wizarding World Tag-


What would you say to a fairy or sprite? Who dances up moonbeams on a cold winter night? Would you believe dragons take flight? To search for brave knights with whom they can fight? Do you know a giant who’s as big as a house? Or a wizard who turns quickly into a mouse? Are witches on broomsticks flying tonight? Are trolls under bridges well … Continue reading Books…..