Mid-Year wrap up. (what I’ve read so far)

Hello there friends, so this year my reading game has been strong and I’m already half way to my reading goal of the year. Of course it hasn’t all been plain sailing, I found myself in one too many reading slumps and will probably find myself in another before the year ends, but I’ve still managed to read a grand total of 25 books in … Continue reading Mid-Year wrap up. (what I’ve read so far)

Dear Evan Hansen Tag *spoilers*

Hello there friends, today’s post is going to be a Dear Evan Hansen tag which I found while watching YouTube, these particular questions were taken from Katie Badger who made a really good tag. As a fore warning this post will have spoilers for the Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen so if you haven’t listened to the soundtrack, read the book(script) or seen the show(*cries because New … Continue reading Dear Evan Hansen Tag *spoilers*