MCM Comic Con Dublin Haul

Hello there friends,

so I went to Comic con last Saturday and was treated very kindly to a few new things by my older sister and her boyfriend, which I decided I would share with you guys.

Firstly I got these Arrow, SuperGirl and The Flash prints, unfortuately I cannot remember who they were by but they are incredible. (Plus all 8 of these were only €20)


I also got two awesome prints, yet again I cannot recall who made them. I got a Star Wars the force awakens one with Rey and BB8 and also a Stranger Things one.


I also got this beautiful Harry Potter print (no artist again sorry).

FullSizeRender (15).jpg

The next three are by @thisisjonturner on instagram, also this is his website. They are adorable and the three of them were €5. I got a BB8 one alongside a niffler and a bowtruckle both from Fantastic Beasts and where to find them.

The last print I got is by Katie O’Meara which is an insanely cute Toothless the dragon from How to train your dragon, which I love.

FullSizeRender (14).jpg


I did get a Star Labs t-shirt from The Flash tv show but I think it’s in the wash but believe me it’s cute.


I do hope you enjoyed this post, make sure to give it a like if you liked it if you like. Follow my blog too for more geeky magic.

Until next time,

Sophie xx


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