Dear Evan Hansen Tag *spoilers*

Hello there friends,

today’s post is going to be a Dear Evan Hansen tag which I found while watching YouTube, these particular questions were taken from Katie Badger who made a really good tag. As a fore warning this post will have spoilers for the Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen so if you haven’t listened to the soundtrack, read the book(script) or seen the show(*cries because New York is too far away*) go do that and then come back.

Now on to the questions.

1. Favourite Song?

My favourite song would have to be For Forever because it shows just how alone and desperate for some sort of connection Evan is while simultaneously showing his fictitious relationship with Connor and the comfort it brings to the Murphy’s even though it’s  not true.

2.Favorite Character?

My favourite character is either Evan or Zoe. I love how well developed They both are as characters and how Evans anxiety is convey so naturally. Zoe is such a strong character too, she is put through so much but still remains resilient and makes you believe you can still be strong even when life throws everything at you all at once.
3.Go-to Shower Song?

My go to shower song is either Sincerley me or Good for you. I love how upbeat and happy sincerley me is and it makes me laugh every time. Good for you is just such a passionate song which I love to sing in the shower very loudly(it’s great if you’re feeling any kind of stress because you can put all of that anger into it).
4.Character you would want to play?

I would want to play Jared Kleinman in DEH because he has so many layers and I really can see how broken he is under the blanket of self deprecating jokes plus he’s the INSANELY COOL JARED KLEINMAN. But I would also love to play Zoe because she is just wow amazing.
5.Character you relate to the most?

The character I relate to the most is probably Alana Beck because she throws herself into everything as a sort of distraction from her feelings and her fear of failure. I do something similar which was really comforting to read the script and see that she did something I do too. 
6.What song/part of the show makes you cry the most?

I cry at basically the whole show but there are three particular parts which I cry uncontrollably at: 1. When Evan falls right before You Will Be Found while doing his speech and he just sits there on the floor looking so lost, I can’t not cry at that ever and I just want to give him a massive hug. 2. When Connors ghost/Evan’s conscious is talking to him about telling the truth and he asks why Evan lies to himself and asks Did he fall or let go? I cried so much when I heard that, it literally broke me. 3. During So Big/ So small when Heidi says Your mom isn’t going anywhere your mom is staying right here. 
7.Which character do you want to give a hug to the most?

ALL OF THEM. No but seriously I would give all of them the biggest hug in the world because all of them are hurting in some way and need a hug and to be told that every things going to get better and yeah. 
8.Favorite line in the show?

I could pick something really deep and emotionally personal but my favourite line in the show is actually “What are you an acorn?” It’s hilarious.
9.How many souls would you sell to see the show?

16239 or as many as it would take.
10.What major theme do you take away from the show?

The major theme that I took away from the show is that someone somewhere feels exactly like you do and you are not alone in your loneliness. The show creates such a safe feeling for me and shows how we all struggle to connect sometimes, which is because of the internet and the anonymity of everything these days. Nothing feels personal anymore but this show helps you to see how if you just look close enough someone else is longing for that connection too, no one is really alone. 


Those were all of the tag questions I do hope my answers made some kind of sense. If you have seen/read/listened to the show let me know what you think of it down below. Give this post a like if you liked it if you like and follow my blog too for some more magic.

Until next time.

Sincerely, Me xx



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