Blogmas Day 1: The Christmas Tag. 🎄

Merry Christmas everyone,

So I’m back again.. for an entire month and hopefully for a lot longer. I decided that blogmas would be the best way to throw myself back into blogging, plus Christmas is my favorite time of year.

This post is going to be a little Christmas Tag to start off this blooming brilliant blogmas 🎄

Question one :When do you start getting excited about Christmas?

I start to get really excited for Christmas when November rolls around. I’m a bit excited at the start and as the month progresses so does my excitement.

Question Two: Do you still have advent calendars?

Yes, I get a chocolate one every year and I feel like it wouldn’t be Christmas without it.

Question Three: What are your favorite Christmas films?

My favorite Christmas films are Arthur Christmas, Grounded, All of the Santa Clause films, the polar express, Elf, snow globe, angels sing, So I literally like nearly every Christmas film 😂

Question Four: Do you have any funny Christmas memories?

I have loads but one of my favorites is actually for last year. My older brother got my sister and I tickets to see Bry (a singer I like and my sister used to like) and she looked so disappointed and just said “I don’t want to go” or something along those lines that made us all laugh in shock. 😂😂

Question Five: Talk is through your typical Christmas Day.

So my family get up at around seven because usually we’re all pretty excited about Christmas. We get our stockings off the banister and head into the living room. We go through stockings first and then presents. The gifts under the tree are opened last ( usually from our parents). Then we get breakfast typically a fry up and just chill watching movies all morning and afternoon. Then we have dinner, my mam makes the best Christmas dinner in the world!! After dinner we wait a while and then go for a walk, it’s usually along the beach beige going home for sweets, hot chocolate and more movies and board games.

Question Six: what do you eat for Christmas dinner?

Okay there’s a lot so here goes…. mash potatoes, roast potatoes, carrots, broccoli, peas, stuffing, turkey and ham all with gravy obviously. My mam eats sprouts and mashed carrots and parsnips too. (We like our food on Christmas okay)

Question Seven: Do you have any Christmas traditions?

We have a couple, on Christmas Eve we always go to the cinema [my dad, my younger sister, my younger brother and I]. We also get a take away on Christmas Eve and it’s always Chinese food. We also get to open one gift, something small on Christmas Eve and we get new pjs every year. On Christmas Day we always go for a walk after dinner.

Question eight: which are your favorite Christmas songs?

I love any Michel Bublè Christmas song and A very she and him Christmas is also an amazing Christmas album that I listen to every year. But my all time favorite Christmas songs are probably winter wonderland and little Saint Nick.

Question Nine: what is the best Christmas present you have her received?

I’ve had a lot of amazing Christmas presents and I can’t pick just one. But if I had to chose probably my Bed knobs and Broomsticks video I got when I was really little because I freaking loved that movie and still do.

Question Ten: Real or Fake Christmas Trees?

We have only ever had fake Christmas trees but they’ve always look beautiful and the one we have this year is perfect. Plus my aunt had a real one and it died super quick and I like my Christmas tree to remain green as long as possible😂

Those are all the Christmas tag questions, I do hope you enjoyed this post. Give it a like if you liked it if you like and follow my blog for more festive magic💫

Merry Christmas,

Sophie xx 🎄


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