Blogmas Day 10: a guide to a festive and cosy bedroom.

Merry Christmas friends,

I cannot actually believe that I made it to day ten of blogmas without giving up! Anyway, I am back with some ideas on how to festive-ize your bedroom this winter, though I know a lot of people have already decorated I decided to show you guys how I made my room feel cosy and cute this Christmas.

1. a tree.

I bought a three-foot fake green tree from Tescos for €8.50 that came with lights already on it, I added some red and silver baubles, rainbow fairy lights and a silver star tree topper. It justs adds some magic to my bedroom but if you don’t have a mini tree or don’t have space for one adding fairy lights to your room can have the same cosy effect.

2. cushions or fluffy, warm things

My mam bought me this deer cushion which I love but you could find other festive pillows for relatively cheap in a lot of shops, they add just a bit of Christmas magic to your bed. Any kind of fluffy blankets, teddy bears etc will also make you feel warm and snug on winter evenings.

3. candles

I love candles and cannot go without them especially in the winter months, so advice you to get any kind of candle you like for this time of year. I was lucky enough to get a Yankee Candle advent calendar for my birthday with a different festive scent every day until Christmas Eve.

So those are my three tips on how to make your room feel ready for the Christmas season, particularly if you, like me, will be spending a lot of winter evenings in bed reading or watching Netflix.

I hope you enjoyed this post, like it if you want. Follow my blog too for more festive magic and let me know in the comments how you make your room feel festive.

See you tomorrow,

Sophie xxx.


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