A small haul

  Hello there firends, On Sunday I went shopping and to see the movie “Into the Woods” with my sisters and decided to do a haul. I didn’t exactly buy alot but I really like what I bought and decide to share it with you guys. Enjoy xx Beauty Beauty wise I bought two things but I got two as presents from my sister who … Continue reading A small haul

A make-up look for whenever you want it to be for.

  Hello friends, Sorry there has been no posts lately but I had exams. This week I decided to try to do something new, a make-up look. So I hope you enjoy it. Firstly, I started by cleansing and moisturising my face. I use the Simple triple action face wash and the Nivea soft moisturiser. This creates a nice base for your make-up.  I use … Continue reading A make-up look for whenever you want it to be for.

Why make-up?

  Hello there friends, Today I was thinking about why different people wear make-up. Here’s what I think.   Make-up is an art that takes lots of practice. Practice makes perfect. Some people wear makeup because they feel like they have to. They feel pressured by everyone around them to look a certain way. This isn’t right no one should wear makeup because they feel … Continue reading Why make-up?